​​​​- Complete Service: Entrance Service - Meter & Mast,  Panel, Sub-Panel, Feeders.

- Gentran/Generator: Installations. 

- Circuits: New branch circuits, extensions circuits, device replacement (receptacles, switches, thermostats, etc.), GFCI/AFCI protection devices, hot tub circuit. 

- Fixtures: Any kind of light fixture installation and replacements. Florescent, Security, Recessed, Can Lights, Etc.

- Breakers: Breaker replacement, GFCI/AFCI protection, breaker replacement, I-line breaker replacement. 

- Hook-ups: Range, washer & dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, water heater, hot tub, and more. 

- Heaters: Electric and wall heaters, base board heaters, electric forced air in-wall heater. 

- Miscellaneous tasks: Troubleshooting, safety & home inspection, telephone & cable TV, and other 
miscellaneous tasks. 

 Panel Replacement Sale!

  Have your old panel replaced without putting a dent in your wallet! Awesome Specials:

  • 100AMP - $1,100 + permit and tax
  • 125AMP - $1,200 + permit and tax
  • 200AMP - $1,300 + permit and tax

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